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Sports Tourism Meister ★★★ the second-shot Appointment Ceremony was held!!


Last Update : 2010/8/31

 The Japan Tourism Agency appoints sports players (former players) playing an active role worldwide and nationwide, asking them to carry out tourism promotion PR(Public Relations) further, making sports a core, utilizing every opportunity.

 As a first-shot (July 8), the Japan Tourism Agency appointed Racing driver Mr. Yojiro Terata, triathlete Mr. Takumi Obara, and former Succor Japan Representative Manager Mr. Philippe Troussier.

 This time, as a second-shot, appointed four athletes, Mr. Kentaro Asahi and Ms. Satoko Urata who have been protecting seashores, which is Japan’s valuable tourism resources, and playing active roles to propagate beach culture, and Mr. Ryuzo Shinomiya who has been handing down attractions of the sea of Okinawa through free diving and Mr. Mitsuo Tsukahara, who are well-known worldwide as a gold medalist (five gold medals in three meets).

Comments from each Meister

Centering on beach volleyball, inform the attractions of the beach which is valuable tourism resources to the world and I wish to propagate the beach culture.

By endeavoring beach volleyball, I wish to propagate the advantage of beach volleyball.

The sea of Okinawa is the tourism area to be boasting of in the world. I would like its attractions to be lead to the promotions of tourism by appealing them to the world.

Since the 2011 world championship is to be held in Tokyo next your, I would like it to be growing by linking with tourism of Japan.