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Authorization of International Convention Cities


Last Update : 2010/9/1

This is to inform you of that the Tourism Agency authorized Urayasu City (Chiba Prefecture) as the fifty-second International Meeting Tourism City based on the Law in regard to the promotion of international tourism by promotion of encouragement for international meetings and easing their holding (Convention Law).

[Procedures to apply for authorization]

(1) The Urayasu City Tourism Promotion Plan was formulated in March 2008 with major objectives linked with the expansion of the communicating population by enhancing footholds and promoting networking, activating such resources as the shores and culture inherent to Urayasu, ranging from the Tokyo Disney Land / Tokyo Disney Sea, boasting of 26 million visitors a year. The Urayasu Tourism Promotion Consultative Council was established in 2009 as a system to realize the plan.

(2) The Consultative Council comprehensively carries out projects which are difficult to realize by tourism associations, the chamber of commerce and single administrations, or projects (measures) necessary for cooperation, and it has been involved in the holding the Urayasu Festival, the development of educational programs, encouraging conventions and so forth in succession as major projects from fiscal 2010. In particular, as convention encouragement projects, the Consultative Council has developed projects in conformity with the MICE Promotion Action formulated by the Tourism Agency in July last year, in cooperation with the Chiba International Convention Bureau Foundation, which is the the contact office for Chiba Prefecture.

(3) Urayasu City is currently in the process of applying to be recognized as an International Tourism City, in order to develop the above projects, inasmuch as an integrating encouragement together with the International Tourism Promotion Institution (Japan National Tourism Organization).

[Measures for the future in Urayasu City]
Cooperation between encouragement institutions such as JINTO and Chiba International Convention Bureau, and the Urayasu Tourism Promotion Council, which is a core organization to attract tourism visitors will be strengthened with the aim of regional activation in Urayasu City through conventions. Utilizing the bilateral knowhow so far accumulated, the Council will carry out encouragement schemes projecting many more tourism convention visitors.

[Outline of the International Tourism City]
The Law in respect to the promotion of international tourism by the promotion of encouragements for international meetings and so on and easing of their holding (the Convention Law) has ensured reinforcement with such "hardware" as international meeting hall facilities, and with such "software" as convention bureaus The law also stipulates that the Tourism Agency Commissioner authorizes the municipalities to be suitable for the promotion of conventions as an international meeting tourism city. The JNTO systemically attracts and assists in international meetings and so forth.

<Authorization requirements (Law Article 5)>
1.Facilities for international meeting halls shall be provided.
2.Accommodation facilities shall be provided.
3.Encouragement system for international meetings shall be provided.
4.There shall be tourism resources in the vicinity.

<Encouragement/holding assistance by JINTO>
・Provision of information on encouragement of international meetings, etc.
・Advertisement for International Convention Cities overseas
・Contact and coordination and other assistance with related agencies overseas
・Advertisements for contributions for international meetings and others to be held in International Convention Cities, along with the distribution of grants
・Introduction of interpreters, travel agents and others, if necessary.