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Human Resource Development and Utilization

The JTA promotes human resource development and utilization in the tourism field. This section looks at our efforts in the area of tourism industry personnel.
  • Selection of Successful Tourism ExpertsIn order to foster individuals capable of leading tourism promotion efforts in each region, we established the Successful Tourism Experts 100 Selection Committee and named these role models " Successful Tourism Experts 100," introducing their biographies and achievements.
  • VISIT JAPAN AmbassadorsIndividuals who have built frameworks relating to the infrastructure for accepting foreign travelers or have communicated Japan's appeal to foreigners, and whose outstanding efforts make them role models for other parties concerned, are designated as VISIT JAPAN Ambassadors (formaly known as YOKOSO! JAPAN Ambassadors).
  • Tour Guide-Interpreter SystemIndividuals who want to accompany foreigners and provide them with travel guide services using a foreign language for remuneration have to pass an examination given by the JTA Commissioner and acquire a license issued by a prefectural government. This section explains the Tour Guide-Interpreter System and the requirements for becoming a Tour Guide-Interpreter.
  • Introduction of volunteer guides for foreign tourists to JapanWelcome to Japan! On this website we introduce individuals who will voluntarily provide tourism information to foreign tourists who are visiting Japan and would like a volunteer guide.
     Contact details for volunteer guides are posted here for each language -- English, Chinese, Korean and so on -- according to the regional areas that you are visiting.
     Tourists can thus get in touch with the volunteer guides directly and request their support. Please note that details such as the time that guides are available, the specific areas they cover and actual costs such as travel expenses will differ according to the individual guide’s circumstances, so please confirm this information directly with the guides themselves.
    Please note that only those guides who have approved the disclosure of their contact information on this website are listed here.