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VISIT JAPAN Ambassadors

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Last Update : 2017/10/2

Individuals who have built frameworks relating to the infrastructure for accepting foreign travelers or have communicated Japan's appeal to foreigners, and whose outstanding efforts make them role models for other parties concerned, are designated as VISIT JAPAN Ambassadors (formally known as YOKOSO! JAPAN Ambassadors).
- 63 individuals recognized for the above-mentioned efforts were selected by the YOKOSO! JAPAN Ambassadors selection committee across five occasions between January 2008 and December 2009, and were appointed as YOKOSO! JAPAN Ambassadors (a title based on the YOKOSO! JAPAN catchphrase employed by the Visit Japan Project at that time) by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
- In April 2010, the Visit Japan Project's catchphrase was changed from YOKOSO! JAPAN to JAPAN. Endless Discovery, and to accompany that, the title was revised to VISIT JAPAN Ambassadors.
- At present, aside from five individuals who stepped down due to personal circumstances and other reasons, 58 Ambassadors continue to work actively on the front lines of their respective fields.