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Visitor Experience Improvement

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Last Update : 2020/1/28

Manner Awareness for Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan

Manner Awareness Videos for Foreign Tourists Visiting Japan
Due to differences in culture and customs, manners that are seen as “natural” by Japanese people may not always be the same for foreign tourists visiting Japan.
In order to promote the understanding of Japanese manners, culture and customs, and to enjoy traveling in Japan more comfortably, we have created and released manner awareness videos that can be freely broadcast in the region.
[Video Content]
(1) Recorded video
・ Situation-specific manner awareness videos x 10 types (about 1 minute each)
・ Short versions x 5 types (15 seconds each)
(2) Example of video content
・ Manners on public transportation
・ Manners at tourist attractions such as temples, shrines and restaurants
・ Manners in accommodation facilities such as how to use hot springs, etc.
Click here to watch and download the videos.