Welcome to the Capital Function City

This is a sample edition of "Capital Function City Experience CD-ROM", which offers you an experience of visiting major areas of the Capital Function City.

[How to use]
You can visit most areas of the city by operating a lever in the following way:
1. Point the lever with the cursor.
2. To throw the lever, move the cursor slightly to the direction you prefer.
3. Click the left button of the mouse to proceed to the direction you specify.

[About QuickTimeVR]
If you press the button See on QTVR Panorama in the page, you can see the panoramic picture of the city at a 360°angle. Unfortunately, it may take a little longer time to see the whole image due to its file size. You will need the QuickTime Plug-in software.

Read about QuickTimeVR

We hope you enjoy the visit to the new city.