Ministry of Land, Infrastrucutre and Transport

The 5th Comprehensive National Development Plan
(Dai-5ji Zenkoku-sougou-kaihatsu-keikaku)

Grand Design for the 21st Century
-Promotion of Regional Independence and Creation of Beautiful National Land -

(21seiki no Kokudo no Gurando Dezain -Chiiki no Jiritsu no Sokushin to Utsukushii Kokudo no Souzou-)


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Comprehensive National Development Plan is a fundamental plan for the use, development and conservation of the land of Japan. It defines the directions for constructing infrastructure for housing, cities, roads, airports, and so forth.
Since the first plan in 1962, five plans have been formulated by March 1998. These plans have successfully ensured balanced development of national land.
*Japan's Comprehensive National Development Plan is formulated under the Comprehensive National Land Development Act(enacted in 1950) based on consultation between the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and relevant administrative organizations, and studies by the National Land Development Council.

The 5th Comprehensive National Development Plan
Grand Design for the 21st Century
- Contents -
Part I. Basis of the Planned National Land Development
Chapter I. Grand Design for the 21st Century
Section 1. Significant changes in the conditions of the national land
Section 2. Necessity for changes in the national land structure
Section 3. Creating multi-axial national land structure
Section 4. The four national axial zones
Chapter II. Objectives and Strategies
Section 1. Basic objectives
Section 2. Strategies
Section 3. Specific tasks and their accomplishment
Chapter III. Implementation
Section 1. National land development based on "participation and cooperation"
Section 2. Schedule for attracting investment in the country's infrastructure
Section 3. Improving institutions and the social system
Part II. The Basis for Development in Different Fields
Chapter I. National Land Conservation and Management

Section 1. Making the country safer to live in
Section 2. Conserving and enjoying nature's blessing
Section 3. National land conservation and management focusing on basin areas
Section 4. Conservation and utilization of the ocean and coastal areas

Chapter II. New Evolving Cultures
Section 1. Creating comfortable living areas
Section 2. Creating and showing new cultures based on regional characteristics
Section 3. Promoting tourism at home and abroad
Chapter III. Improving Living Conditions in Regions
Section 1. Making cities more comfortable and lively
Section 2. Improving rural communities to form nature-rich residential areas
Section 3. Enabling people to lead secure lives
Chapter IV. Industrial Development

Section 1. Promoting science and technology and creating a favorable environment for building industries
Section 2. Regional development of service industries such as intellectual goods industries by providing more intellectual opportunities
Section 3. Establishing internationally attractive locations for industry
Section 4. New development in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Section 5. Industrial development in nature-rich residential areas

Chapter V. Improvement of Transportation and Communications Systems
Section 1. Improving the transportation systems
Section 2. Improving the communications systems
Part III. Basic Direction of Regional Improvement

1. Hokkaido
2. Tohoku
3. Kanto
4. Chubu
5. Hokuriku
6. Kinki
7. Chugoku
8. Shikoku
9. Kyushu
10. Okinawa
11. Snowy areas, remote islands and peninsula areas

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