Port of Motobu

Port of Motobuis located in Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture of Japan. Located in a sub-tropical region, this port enjoys a temperate climate and is renowned throughout the world for its precious flora, fauna, and its surrounding corals.
Port of Motobu is blessed with natural scenery. Thanks to its By standing in a location with clear seawater and wide port entrance, Port of Motobu is highly regarded as a beautiful port that provides easy access for big cruises.
Moreover, taking advantage of Okinawa’s geographical characteristics, “Fly and Cruise” is operated .
Due to its constant temperate climate, Okinawa is bustling with tourists all year round. There are various sorts of sightseeing facilities for people to enjoy the history, culture, nature and peace of this region and tourists are also able to enjoy various kinds of marine leisure sports such as diving.
Since Okinawa is especially warm in winter, it is visited by many people as a winter resort, and the number of people who come and stay in Okinawa for the purpose of therapy is increasing.
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Passenger Terminal
(1) Name Motobu Port Terminal
(2) Location 5235 Aza-Sakimotobu, Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture
(3) Nearest Station (Time Req.) NONE
(4) Access Station NONE
Airport Naha Airport (Approx. 120 min. by bus)
Shinkansen NONE
(5) Facilities Facility Overview Tourists waiting room (Approx. 1400m2)
Length Approx. 50m
Height Approx. 9m
Width Approx 50m
Total Floor Space Approx.1,400m2
(6) Capacity Length 330m
Water Depth 7.5m
Apron Width 20m
Boarding Bridges N/A
Tidal Range 2.0m
(7)Anchorage Information Anchorage Position  
Space Reservation Option  
Anchorage Depth  
Landing Stage Exposure  
Maximum Vessel Anchored  
Maximum Length  
Maximum Beam  
Maximum Draft  
Anchorage Stage Distance  
Ships Tenders  
(8) Notices Ex.
Maximum Airdraft
Bay Pilot  
Harbor Pilot  
(9) Services
Service Content Note
Welcome Ceremony Welcome ceremony is carried out:
·When new cruse line starts,
When we receive a request from cruse company or tour agency,
In the ceremony, Eisa and traditional dance are performed by local people.
Introducing Japanese
Okinawa prefecture is located between the Pacific ocean and East China Sea. The subtropical islands are surrounded with coral reefs and have bright sunshine and colorful flowers blooming all year round. There is also abundant nature in Iriomote island as well as the Northern area of Okinawa island. As Okinawa is used to be an independent kingdom, it has a unique history and culture.  
Tourist Information Center,
Currency Exchange
These services will be arranged to fit with the arrival time on the request of shipping agencies  
Shuttle Bus Services This is considered according to the contents of travel  
City Sightseeing for
the Crews
(10) Sample Port Charge Calculations
    LOA Draft G/T Calling Day Arrival Departure Thruster Water
Case [1] 163.81m ( 49.9 ft ) 5.4m ( 1.6 ft ) 19093 Weekday 10:00 18:00 Yes 79 t Ocean-going
[2] 192.8m ( 58.8 ft ) 6.6m ( 2.0 ft ) 28856 Weekday 8:00 13:00 Yes t Domestic
[3] m ( ft ) m ( ft )           t  
Unit: Yen  
    Port Entry Quay Boarding
Tug Boat Escort Boat Line
Misc. Total
[1] Base Fee - 76372 - 23305 - - - - - - 99677
  New Total - 76372 - 23305 - - - - - - 99677
Unit: Yen  
    Port Entry Quay Boarding
Tug Boat Escort Boat Line
Misc. Total
[2] Base Fee - 121195 - - - - - - - - 121195
  New Total - 121195 - - - - - - - - 121195
Unit: Yen  
    Port Entry Quay Boarding
Tug Boat Escort Boat Line
Misc. Total
[3] Base Fee                      
  New Total                      
Public Offices
Facility Services Location
(Time from the Terminal)
Okinawa Customs
Ministry of Finance
Enforce customs regulations, customs surveillance 2-4-29 Goya, Okinawa City (90 minutes by car) 81-98-933-0517
Naha Branch Immigration Office Immigration/ departure examination, port operations 1-22-12 Chuo, Okinawa City (90 minutes by car) 81-98-938-1177
Naha Quarantine Office
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
Quarantine operations Naha Harbor Association Office
2-11-1 Minatomachi, Naha City (120 minutes by car)
Nago Coast Guard Office ·Sea rescue, ensuring the safety of maritime traffic, search and inspection of maritime crimes, prevent maritime disaster and monitor/control of sea pollution 452-3 Miyazato, Nago City (30 minutes by car) 81-980-53-0118
Motobu Police Station ·Traffic and security of the area 850-1 Aza-Ohama, Motobu Town (5 minutes by car) 81-980-47-4110
Motobu-cho·Nakijinn-son Fire Station ·Rescue works 850-30 Aza-Ohama, Motobu Town (5 minutes by car) 81-980-47-3757
Okinawa Prefecture hokubu Hospitals General Hospital (327 beds)
Outpatient service
Acute phase treatment
2-12-3 Onaka, Nago City (30 minutes by car) 81-980-52-2719
Port-related Organizations
Type of Service Organization Address Contact Information
Shipping Information Nago Coast Guard Office 452-3 Miyazato, Nago City 81-980-53-0118
Shipping Agent Port Division, Department of Civil Engineering & Construction 1-2-2 Izumizaki, Naha City 81-98-866-2395
Water Supply Motobu Port Administration Management Office 5235 Aza-Sakimotobu, Motobu Town 81-980-47-4200
Waste Disposal Motobu Port Administration Management Office 5235 Aza-Sakimotobu, Motobu Town 81-980-47-4200
Ship Supplies NONE    
Bay Pilot NONE    
Harbor Pilot NONE    
Tugboat NONE    
Ship Repair and
Contact us
Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
[Tel] 81-98-866-2395 (Port Division , Department of Civil Engineering & Construction)
[E-MAIL] aa62006@pref.okinawa.jp (Port Division , Department of Civil Engineering & Construction)
[Home Page Address] http://www.pref.okinawa.jp

Ocean Expo Park - “Churaumi Aquarium” - This park has one of the largest aquarium in the world; Cherry Blossoms Festival in Yaedake - a place where the first blooming of cherry blossoms (in January) takes place in Japan; Flower Festa in Ocean Expo Park; and “Gusuku sites and related properties of the kingdom of Ryukyu”- a site inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


Okinawa Busena Resort
Number of Calling Cruise Ships
Year Japanese Foreign Total
Subtotal Ships Calls Subtotal Ships
2003 2 Nippon Maru 1 8 Superstar Gemini 10
Asuka 1
2002 0     0   0
2001 0     0   0
2000 1 Orient Venus 1 0   1
1999 1 Orient Venus 1 0   1
Entry and departure together count as one call.
Hotels (Popular Among Shipping Companies)
Hotel Address Phone From Terminal Number of Rooms Notes
The Busena Terrace 1808 Kise Nago City
81-980-51-1333 About 30minuts 419 Rooms  
Okinawa Manza
Beach Resort
2260 Seragaki Onna Village
81-98-966-1211 About 40minuts 339 Rooms  
Hotel nikko Alivila 600 Gima Yomitan Village
81-98-982-9111 About 60minuts 400 Rooms  
3425-2 Yamada Onna Village
81-98-965-0707 About 40minuts 392 Rooms  
The Naha terrace 2-14-1 Omoromachi Naha City Okinawa 81-90-864-1111 About 120minuts 145 Rooms  
2-46 Izumizaki Naha City
81-98-853-2111 About 140minuts 368 Rooms  
Loisir Hotel Okinawa 3-2-1 Nisi Naha City
81-98-868-2222 About 140minuts 419 Rooms  
Sightseeing Spots
Attraction Datails Access Time
Okinawa Churaumi
The world-class fish tank is spectacular. The display of breeding plural whale sharks and living coral is the first of its type in the world. Bus/Taxi About 1.5hours  
Shuri Castle Park This national park was restored in 1972 when Okinawa reverted to Japan. The flourish of Ryukyu dynasty remains in this park. Bus/Taxi About 1.5hours  
Underwater Observatory You can enjoy underwater view from this observatory. With a 360-degree panoramic view of tropical fish swimming around you, it feels like a sea palace offering unforgettable ocean scenery. Bus/Taxi About 1 hour  
Nakijin Castle Site This was the castle of the northern Hokuzan Kingdom.
It is also well known for its Hikan cherry trees.
Bus/Taxi About 1 hour  
Ryukyu Mura You can experience traditional culture of Okinawa in this village. You can see sugar manufacturing stone motor which is moved by water buffalo, Okinawan old town and the traditional Okinawan dance. Bus/Taxi About 2 hours  
Manza-mo A Ryukyuan king admired and named this area in the 18th century. The name Manza-mo means a field large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people. The steep cliff facing the ocean and a large grass field make the scenery magnificent. The view from the cliff is also spectacular. Bus/Taxi About Half an hour  
Mihama American Village This area is located on the west coast in Chatan town. It is a busy town with many shops and large shopping malls. This area is popular with young people. Bus/Taxi    
Okinawa World
(Gyokusendo Cave)
This is a cultural theme park. You can enjoy Okinawan traditional industrial art at the village. You can also see Gyokusendo which is the longest limestone cave of Oriental region. Bus/Taxi About 2 hours  
Kokusai street This street is the main and busiest street in Naha city It was called “miracle street” because it was amazingly revived after World War II. There are department stores, boutiques, gift shops, souvenir shops, restaurants along this mile-long street. Bus/Taxi