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Message from the President

The Policy Research Institute for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (PRILIT) was established in the Ministry of land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) in 2001, as an institute to undertake basic research on policy in the field of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Since then, PRILIT has been collaborating with MLITfs officials in charge of policy planning and implementation and engaged in research activities to underpin the policy, and the results of PRILITfs research has been used by them. The results have also been widely published to general people who are interested in those fields or the relevant policy, through its reports, journals and yearly conferences for presentation, as well as lectures and papers in the opportunities that external entities, such as academic associations, universities and private research institutes, provide.

In recent years, as Japan faces rapid decline of the birth rate and aging population, technological innovation including ICT, global warming, increasing severity of natural disasters, the pandemic, etc., the policy of MLIT, which is widely and deeply related to peoplesf living and economy, is required to underpin the creation of wealthy and livable communities, and the acceleration of vitalizing productivity and growth, while ensuring the safety and peace of mind of the people.
To that end, our research activities to smartly grasp and analyze those changing situations, to propose future prospects, and to suggest the new policy development, while making use of domestic and international knowledge, have become more important. Therefore, to address the important issues in a timely manner, PRILIT has specified research themes for each fiscal year. You can see the theme for this fiscal year from: https://www.mlit.go.jp/pri/gaiyou/kenkyutheme.html

We believe that it is effective to obtain cooperation from local governments, universities, research institutes, and other related organizations or companies. PRILIT will proactively conduct its research activities, through collaboration with international institutes, etc., and united with not only the officials from the ministry but also external human resources including publicly invited researchers or the seconders from related organizations, while using existing knowledge.

We will further review the current work style through using ICT for information sharing and make efforts to act efficiently while ensuring quality.

We appreciate your understanding and support.

June, 2022
MIURA Fumitaka
Policy Research Institute for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism