Earthquakes in Japan: Past and Future

Japan, an earthquake-prone country

Japan is located in the Circum-Pacific Mobile Belt where there are constant seismic and volcanic activities. Although the country covers only 0.25% of the land area on the planet,
18.5% of earthquakes in the world occur in Japan, an extremely high number.

World Geographical Distribution of Hypocenters and Plates
The Ratio of Natural Disasters in Japan to Those in the World
Source: Cabinet Office

Impending large-scale earthquakes

 Large-scale earthquakes that are said to occur in the near future include
the Nankai Trough Mega Earthquake and the Tokyo Inland Earthquake.
Earthquakes other than these large-scale earthquakes may also occur anywhere in Japan.

Anticipated Large-scale Earthquakes
This material has been prepared based on Cabinet Office, “Disaster Management in Japan.”