Outline of Scenic Byway Japan


The Scenic Byway Japan program is to nurture the love for hometowns, discover and create the attractiveness and beauty of the Japanese islands. It promotes the move to recognize nationally unique landscapes by utilizing regional assets such as sceneries, nature, history and culture, etc. with various grass-roots collaborative efforts. The program is also designed to contribute to the vitalization of the local communities and tourist promotion which will help revitalize the national culture.


The following four policies will be adopted to spread the Scenic Byway Japan movement to the whole country.

  • Policy 1 “Spreading the Movement to the Whole Country”

    The movement aims to make many regions participate in the Scenic Byway Japan program, increase the number of recognized beautiful sceneries throughout Japan, and revitalize regional communities.

  • Policy 2 “Maintaining the Diversity”

    The movement aims to provide various landscapes by utilizing regional assets such as sceneries, nature, history, culture etc.

  • Policy 3 “Trying to Further Improve the Quality”

    The movement aims to polish unique regional assets, make the residing people proud of their hometowns, attract visitors, and provide high quality landscapes that can be introduced to the world.

  • Policy 4 “Promoting the Movement Continuously”

    It will be a long-sustained movement which does not end in a short while.

The Image of Scenic Byway Japan

The Scenic Byway Japan program comprises “regional assets”, “operating people”, “activities details”, and “operating places”. The general term for this program is “Scenic Byways”.

  • Factors comprising Scenic Byways