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Types of Construction Work, Contents of Construction Work, Examples, and Classification by Type of Permit

Types of Construction Work Construction Industry Law 
 Additional Sheet Nr. 1 (Top Column) Content of construction work Ministry of Construction Notice Nr. 350, March 3, 1972 Examples MLIT General Policies Bureau, Construction Industry Section Notice Nr. 97 
"Concerning the guidelines for administration of construction work permits" 3-Apr-01 Classification of permit types Construction Industry Law Appendix Nr. 1 (Bottom Column)
Public engineering Construction of public works based on general planning, instruction, and control (incl. repair, improvement, or demolition work) Public engineering
Construction engineering Construction of buildings based on general planning, instruction, and control (incl. repair, improvement, or demolition work) Construction engineering
Carpentry Construction of works by processing or applying wooden materials or application of wooden structures to work Carpentry, mold work, and finish carpentry Carpentry
Plasterwork Applying, spraying, or affixing plaster, mortar, stucco, cement, fibers, etc. to work Plasterwork, mortar work, concrete waterproofing, spray work, grinding work, and washing out Plasterwork
Scaffold/construction/concrete work a) Assembly of scaffolding, transport and placement of heavy objects, such as mechanical apparatuses and construction materials, assembly of steel frames, and demolition a) Scaffold work; salvage work; pulling work; construction of footings and other auxiliary structures; transport and placement (lifting) of heavy objects; assembly of steel frames; mounting of concrete blocks; and disassembly/demolition work Scaffold/construction work
b) Driving in or pulling out piles and in-place-casting of piles b) Pile work, pile driving, pile pulling, and in-place-casting
c) Excavation, piling up, or compression of earth or sand c) Earth work, excavation, root-cutting, blasting operations, and embankment work
d) Construction work using concrete d) Concrete work, concrete driving work, concrete compression work, and prestressed concrete work
e) Other basic or preliminary work e) Landslide prevention, foundation improvement, boring grout, earth retaining, temporary coffering, spraying, highway section, riprap, external construction, and chipping work
Stone work Processing of stone materials (including quasi-stones such as concrete block and imitation stone) and production of stone works using masonry or by attaching stone to work Stone masonry or pitching and concrete block masonry or pitching Stone work
Roof work Roof-cladding with tiles, slate, or metal sheet Roof-cladding work Roof work
Electrical work Installation of power generation, transformer, power distribution, and interior electrical facilities Power generation facilities, electrical wiring, lead-in line, transformer facilities, interior electrical facilities (including electrical facilities for emergency use), illumination facilities, railway line, traffic light facilities, and neon lamp facilities work Electrical work
Piping work Work for installation of coolers, air conditioners, water supplies, hygiene facilities, and facilities for transport of water, oil, gas, and steam using metal pipes Cooling and heating facilities, freezer/refrigerator facilities, water/hot water supply facilities, kitchen facilities, hygiene facilities, water purification facilities, water toilet facilities, gas pipe, duct, and pipe rehabilitation work Piping work
Tile/brick/block work Constructions with bricks or concrete blocks or work to apply or attach bricks, concrete blocks, or tiles to structures Concrete block masonry (pitching), brick masonry (pitching), tile pitching, furnace building, and asbestos plate laying Tile/brick/block work
Steel construction work Processing steel forms or sheets or assembly of derived items from them Work related to steel structures, bridges, steel towers, petrol or gas reservoirs, outside advertisements, and gate facilities for locks and watergates Steel construction
Steel reinforcement work Processing, connecting, and assembly of steel bars and other steel materials Steel reinforcement processing and assembly and gas pressure welding Steel reinforcement
Paving work Paving streets and other flat surfaces with asphalt, concrete, sand, gravel, or rubble Asphalt, concrete, and block paving and road construction Paving
Dredging work Dredging the bottoms of rivers and bays Dredging work Dredging
Sheet metal work Attaching metal sheet to structures or attaching metal sheet fixtures to structures Sheet metal processing and attachment and sheet metal work related to building construction Sheet metal work
Glass work Installation of glass in structures Glass processing and installation work Glass work
Coating work Spraying, coating, or attaching coating materials to structures Coating, spraying, lining, textile upholstering and finishing, steel structures painting, and pavement marking Coating work
Waterproofing work Waterproofing with asphalt, mortar, or sealing materials Asphalt waterproofing, mortar waterproofing, sealing work, paint membrane waterproofing, sheet waterproofing, and injection waterproofing Waterproofing
Interior finishing Interior finishing using wood, plaster board, sound absorbing board, wallpaper, tatami mat, vinyl floor tiles, carpeting, or fusuma sliding doors Interior work, ceiling finishing work, wallpapering, interior room finishing work, floor finishing work, tatami work, fusuma work, furniture work, and soundproofing Interior finishing
Machinery installation Building of structures through assembly of machinery or attaching machinery to structures Plant installation, transport machinery setup, internal combustion power plant installation, separating machinery setup, water collecting machinery setup, storage and drainage machinery setup, temporary dam setup, children's play facilities installation, stage set setup, silo installation, and automobile parking facilities work Installation of machinery
Thermal insulation work Thermally insulating structures or their facilities Cooling and heating installation, freezing and refrigeration work, thermally insulating motive power facilities the facilities of fuel or chemical industries Thermal insulation work
Telecommunications work Installation of wired telecommunication facilities, wireless telecommunication facilities, broadcasting machinery facilities, or data communication facilities Telecommunication line facilities work, broadcasting machinery facilities work, antenna facilities work, data communication facilities work, information control facilities work, and work on facilities for the prevention of TV wave disturbances Telecommunications work
Landscape gardening Land forming, tree planting, and construction of gardens, parks, and green areas by placement landscape stones Planting trees and plants, soil-cover work, site preparation work, park facilities work, work related to public places, park road work, waterscape work, and planting of vegetation on rooftops Landscape gardening
Well drilling work Hole and well drilling using well drilling machinery and subsequent water pumping facilities work Well drilling, observation well work, injection well work, hot spa drilling work, well construction work, hole drilling work, petrol drilling work, natural gas drilling work, and water pumping facilities work Well drilling work
Fittings work Attachment of wooden or metal fittings to structures Work related to attachment of metal fittings, sashes, metal curtain walls, shutters, automatic doors, wooden fittings, and fusuma Fittings work
Water facilities work Construction of facilities for water intake, water purification, or water distribution for public water supplies or factories or installation of public sewage or basin sewage handling facilities Work related to water-intake facilities, water purification facilities, water distribution facilities, and sewage handling Water facilities work
Firefighting facilities work Installation of disaster warning facilities, fire extinguishing facilities, evacuation facilities, or facilities for firefighting or installation of such facilities in structures Interior fire hydrant installation work; sprinkler installation work; work on facilities for firefighting with water spray, foam, nonflammable gas, volatile liquids, or powders; exterior fire hydrant installation; movable fire fighting pump installation; fire alarm facilities work; short circuit fire alarm facilities work; emergency alarm facilities work; and installation of metal evacuation ladders, escape chutes, slowdown machines, evacuation bridges, or smoke emission facilities Firefighting facilities work
Waste facilities work Installation of human waste management or garbage management facilities Garbage management facilities and human waste management facilities work Waste facilities work