Revival and Fostering of Water-Related Culture

Water Day and Water Week
In order to raise public awareness of the preciousness of water and the importance of water resources development, August 1 of each year was declared Water Day. Also, the week starting from this day was designated as Water Week. During this week, various events are staged jointly by the government, local authorities are related groups.
United Nations' World Water Day
The 47th General Assembly of the United Nations held on December 22, 1992 declared March 22 of each year to be World Water Day. It was proposed that promotion of and enlightenment about development/conservation of water resources and actions based on Agenda 21 are to be carried out on this day. Accordingly, "Water Resources Study Symposium" has been held every year in Japan to raise the public awareness concerning water.
100 Selected Water spots
In order to form a pleasant society colored by land with beautiful water and green, it is necessary to reassess relationship between water and people distinctively founded on local features. 107 areas, which have been particularly successful in sustaining and developing local tradition or unique life styles around water and advancing local development by preserving and making use of water environment, as "100 Selected Water Spots" in Fiscal 1994 and 1995, and has been diffusing their information by introducing their activities on its website.

Ideal town with shining water, green and people Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture
In Mishima City, there are thousands of water springs scattered all over the city area, from which thawing water and rain water flowing from Mt. Fuji comes up to the surface after years of travel underground. In recent years, however, the quantity of spring water has declined for various reasons and diverse efforts to restore vigorous spring water are being promoted through citizen-participation projects, including small forest dam development. Meanwhile, the city has a welldeveloped canal system to utilize abundant spring water in people's lives and a number of residences along the Genbe River still preserve their washing place called "Kawabata" with steps leading to the river for access from the kitchen.

Details of "100 Selected Water Spots" are found on the website of the Water Resource Department, Land and Water Resource Bureau, MLIT.

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