International Affairs Division / Construction Industry

Basic policies of the international activity in the transport sector

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Policy Bureau (International Policy Planning Unit and International Affairs Unit), makes plans and designs for comprehensive and basic policies, compiles cross-sectoral measures concerning the international affairs business (the transport sector) of The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Basic policies

Development of policy which cooperates with East Asia

To advance the cooperation-focused policy with East Asian countries which adjoin our country geographically, and whose economic development is significant.

The international activity which corresponds to new issues such as environment and traffic security

To address new issues positively such as global environmental problems and traffic security in the land, infrastructure and transport field.

Overseas development of technical know-how of our country

To support overseas development of our high-level transport technology. The Ministry also promotes the maintenance of the foundation of airports, harbors and railroads, and talent rearing in foreign countries through the utilization of the development.

Assistance for developing countries through Official Development Assistance (ODA)

In cooperation with related organizations, the Ministry assists in the maintenance of airports, harbors, railroads etc., talent rearing in the transport and tourism sectors, and disaster reconstruction in developing countries through Official Development Assistance (ODA).