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ODA performance in the land, infrastructure and transport (traffic) sector

Assistance of Japan's ODA in the land, infrastructure and transport sector plays an important role in the independence and development of developing countries through infrastructure improvement including ports, airports, and railways.
These ODA schemes are under the control of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, and Economy. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport dispatches experts and offers recommendations at the research and planning stage, as well as implements technology transfers (human resource development) through accepting trainees and dispatching experts at the implementing stage.

Statistics of the last 5
ODA by country
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Acceptance of trainees
Technical Cooperation Projects
Loan Aid
Grant Aid
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Examples of each project

Sihanoukville Port Urgent Rehabilitation Project(Loan Aid)
Metro Manila of the Philippine relief project for the metropolitan traffic congestion (Grant Aid)
Sihanoukville Port, which is the only seaport in Cambodia, needs to address the issue of aging facilities and meeting the rapidly increasing foreign cargo trade . We contribute to the international competitiveness through port facilities improvement. Since the traffic congestion of Metro Manila has become heavier, we improve urban transportation system which mainly rely on roads to relieve the traffic congestion, and improve the urban environment. For this purpose, we assist in urban railway improvement.

The Project for the Improvement of the Meteorological Radar System at Cox's Bazar and Khepupara (Grant Aid)
The capacity-building project for a dredger at Beira Port(Grant Aid)
Weather radar plays an important role in the surveillance of cyclones which cause tremendous damage. We renew the aging radar and improve the surveillance function for cyclones in the country. The Beira Port is not only the main port in Mozambique, but also an important port to their neighbors. Dredger (Trailing Suction Hopper, 1,000m type 3) given to the country provides waterway maintenance dredging which is necessary for safe and secure navigation in the port.

Philippine Coast Guard Human Resource Development(Technical Cooperation Projects)
For strengthened systems of the Philippine Coast Guard, we assist development of human resources which is necessary for disaster prevention and law enforcement at sea, as well as maritime safety including marine salvage, navigation safety, spilled oil control at sea, etc.

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