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Assistance of The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport by ODA

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport promotes assistance to the ODA with an emphasis on national interest based on the "ODA Charter" (approved by the Cabinet in 2003). As a hardware side, we assist transport and infrastructure which sustains economic activities. And as a software side, we provide positive assistance for policy planning, development of institutions, human resource development. In addition, we address the assistance for the issues for which global scale efforts must be given, such as geo-environmental issues, disasters and safety

The budget of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for ODA technical cooperation (2007) is 6.800 million yen (0.2% of total budget of the government for ODA technical cooperation). We take advantage of experience, technology, expertise in the transport sector to implement the assistance, and the following are our priority issues

  1. Assistance for environmental conservation
  2. Assistance for safety and security
  3. Popularization of Japan's advanced technology
  4. Promotion of interaction with peoples and goods

Also for effective implementation of project, we implement the assistance as a way of

(1)Policy dialog (2)Policy planning (3)Technology transfer・Human resource development

Ideas of the Ministry of Land,Infrastructure and Transport on ODA

ODA Charter

(approved by the Cabinet in 2003)

  • Japan enjoys the benefit of international trade, and is heavily dependent on overseas for resources, energy and food.
  • To secure the safety and prosperity of Japan and enhance the benefit of the people by contributing actively to the stability and development of developing countries through ODA.
  • Utilize our advanced technologies, knowledge, human resources and systems
  • Asia, a region with close relationship to Japan and which can have a major impact on Japan's stability and prosperity, is a priority region for Japan.
  • In order to support sustainable growth and stimulate trade, investment and the interaction with peoples in developing countries, we improve socio-economic infrastructure which is important in economic activities, as well as emphasize policy planning, development of institutions and cooperation for developing human resources.
  • Address global issues such as transnational organized crime, terrorism, and environmental concerns including global warming.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport(Transport sector)

In order to promote sustainable growth, the ministry provides technical assistance for the resolution of external dis-economy including safety and environmental problems which are caused by the rapid progression of urban motorization. As well as improve the efficiency in transport networks which addresses increasing logistics and people. In addition, the Ministry provides technical assistance to the tourism sector for the purpose of supporting interaction with the peoples of developing countries.

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