Chronicle of Tsukuba Science City

1963(Sep)The Cabinet approved of the Tsukuba area as the site of a new science city.
1964(Dec)The Cabinet decided to establish the Academic New Town Construction Promotion Headquarters.
1966(Dec)Land acquisition began.
1968(Dec)The New Urban Residential Area Development Project, the Collective Government and Public Office Facilities Project, and the Urban Parks Project were decided. The Land Readjustment Project and the areas for the project were decided.
1970(May)The "Tsukuba Science City Construction Act" was enacted and implemented.
1971(Feb)The Promotion Headquartors set up the "Fundamental Principles of the Tsukuba Science City Construction Plan" and the "Outline of the Development Plan for Public-works Projects in Tsukuba science city".
1972(Jan)Government employees started to move into official residences.
1972(Mar)The National Research Institute in Inorganic Material became the first institution transferred to the city.
1973(Oct)The University of Tsukuba was founded.
1980(Mar)43 research and educational institutions were ready to begin operations.
1980(Sep)The "Research and Education District Construction Plan" was decided.
1981(Aug)The "Surrounding Suburban District Development Plan" was approved.
1983(Jun)The Tsukuba Center Building was open.
1985(Mar-Sep)The International Exposition of Science and Technology(Tsukuba Expo'85) was held.
1987(Nov)Tsukuba City was officially incorporated through the merger of existing towns and a village.
1989(May)The New Tsukuba Plan was drawn up.
1996(July)The "Science and Technology Basic Plan" was decided.
1998(Apr)A change of the "Research and Education District Construction Plan" was decided, and a change of the "Surrounding Suburban District Development Plan" was approved.
2001(Apr)National research and educational institutions were turned into independent administrative institutions
2002(Nov)Kukizaki Town was merged into Tsukuba City.
2004 (Apr) The University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba college of Technology became national university corporations.
2005 (Aug) Tsukuba Express started its service.

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