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About overseas passenger liner service

What can we do on the overseas passenger liner servise ?

For the first time, you may not know how to enjoy cruising. So, here are attractive points for how we can spend time on the ship.

Enjoy ocean view

Depend on timing, not only to see the sunrise and sunset on the ocean, but also you might be able to see the fireworks at Port.

Get on your baggages

As compare to airplane, you can get on the ship with more your baggages.
When you get on the airplane, you have a limit for baggages, but on the ship you don't have to worry about sizes and weight for your souvenirs or baggages.

Walk around inside the ship

You have some plan to spend time for leisurely cruise: for instanse, go to restaurants, Karaoke rooms, salon with the view, Game room, bath with the view, Duty-free shop and so on.

Sea trip to Japan

  • Anti-Piracy
  • Approved Continuous Examination Programmes on Containers
  • Special Permission to closed port
  • overseas passenger liner service