Registered number of motor vehicle has exceeded 72 million - Motorized society in Japan continues to grow

Progress of motorization - Worldwide phenomena:

The number of motor vehicles used in the world was about 644 million at the end of 1994 and this represented an increcse of 2.7% when compared to the preceding year.
The progress of motorization is more or less a trend common to the world.

The registered number of motor vehicles in Japan has exceeded 72 million, about 10% of the entire world and ranking the second in the world:

Japan is the top most or the second largest motor vehicle producing country in the world, and the motorization in Japan is remarkable.
The number of registered motor vehicles was 72.03 million at the end of 1996 (with 46.87 million passenger cars 20.22 million trucks, and 4.94 million others). this represnted an increase of 21.75 million in the past decade.
The number of motor vehicles is deemed to show a further increase in Japan centered on passenger cars, on the ground that propagation of passenger cars to motor vehicle motor vehicle is still behind those in U.S.A. and Europe.

Economy,life and administration in motorized society:

The remarkable progress of motorization has greatly changed various aspects of the Japanese life.
Now, the national economy and the life are not maintainabl without motor vehicle.

The relationship between motor vehicle and economy/life has become ever closer along with the growth of motorized society. At the same time, responsibility of the government towards motor vehicle has become greater.