A harmony between motor vehicles and society is the key to sound motorized Society

Social nature of motor vehicle

Motor vehicles are used by many and unspecified persons on public roads, but they can also cause accidents and pollutions. Abandoned vehicles and crimes related to motor vehicle cast dark shadows over society.
As the number of motor vehicles increases,the relationship between them and society becomes more closely and a harmony between motor vehicles and the society is needed strongly

Vehicle identification

Motor vehicles also have value as a personal asset.However, we cannot identify their owners by their appearance as they are mass-produced under numerous makes and are usually moving.
Therefore ,the rights and obligations associated with motor vehicles,both public and private , cannot be established unless individual vehicles are identified by some systematic manner in terms of their owners ,users, etc.

Order in a motorized society and its control

Some sort of must be maintained to ensure a harmony between motor vehicles and society.
This leads to a social need to grasp systematically and control all the vehicles that constitute today's motorized society.