Business of inspection and registration are disposed the computer and managed efficiently

Electronic Information Processing system:

The work volume of the government has largely increased with the progress of motorization. In 1995, major registration related applications reached 22.6 million, while inspection related applications reached 21.8 million.

The Ministry of Transport implemented the first electronic information processing system in March, 1970, followed by a series of improvements.
For instance, OCR (Optical Character Reader) was introduced in January, 1988 to allow the use of Chinese characters (Kanji) for display of the name and address, etc. on the automobile inspection certificate instead of previously used less reliable "Katakana" characters. User needs have been further taken into the present system that was totally revised in January, 1996.It is considered to be one of the most advanced information processing systems in the world.

(On-line connection of 93 Local Land Transport Offices, office for motor vehicle Inspection and Registration all over the country with the host computer in National Administrative Office).

The inspection/registration offices are deployed in 91 locations in Japan, and these offices are all connected with the host computer in National Administrative Office and conducted on the real-time basis by the host computer.