We make Efforts to Improve Service Quality:

The Ministry if Transport is making constant efforts for repletion and strengthening of the work processing system to maintain and improve the level of services to the applicants,and to cope with the fast increase of automobiles in this country.

Fullness of Inspection/Registration Offices:

In order to cope with the increasing work volume and for the convenience of applicants, office for motor vehicle inspection and registration are modernized successively.

Improvement of Application Services:

Present efforts are aimed at the improvement of services to the applicants including the distribution of guidance pamphlets, centralization of application related counters, installation of electronic display boards and electronic guide boards, and development of new inspection equipments.Besides The Ministry of Transport is increasing the number of advisors to process complaints and provide consultation services to the applicants about inspection, registration and maintenance.

Deployment of Automatic Advicing Equipments:

Automatic answering equipments are installed successively to provide information on automobile inspection/registration procedures, application documents, reservation for automobile inspection and various statistical figures on the round-the-clock and seven-days-a-week basis via telephone and facsimile.