For Sound Development of Motorized Society Repletion of Vehicle
Inspection and Registration System:

"Letting all citizens benefit from automobile to the fullest extent" is the ultimate goal in a highly motorized society. This requires order to be maintained to ensure a harmony between automobile and the society.

Accidents due to malmaintenance of automobile are extremely rare in Japan.Road congestions for the same are not so common as in other countries. Stringent regulations on emission are contributing to keep the skies free of pollution. Conflict of automobile ownership is also rare, and so are car thefts and other crimes related to automobiles.

Car component defects are recalled very smoothly. In short, the automobile inspection and registration system is working as intended.

The automobile inspection and registration system sets forth a vehicle control basis in a modern, highly motorized society. Its role will grow as more automobiles are introduced in the scene. Indeed, it is a system that we must maintain to build a sound and healthy society to set a model for other countries.