Outline of New Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan That Will Lead the Era of the Global Environment
Significance of the Plan
The fundamental role of Hokkaido development is to help address issues facing the national government by taking advantage of the resources and characteristics of Hokkaido.
    Currently, we are facing rapid economic growth in East Asia, deterioration of the global environment, the possible shortage of energy resources, a decreasing and aging population, as well as a decline in the birthrate. Against this backdrop, it is important that Hokkaido contributes to the nation’s efforts to create a sustainable economy and society by making the most of its resources and characteristics since it has abundant space enabling various economic and social activities, and a rich natural environment that will undoubtedly become the most important factor in the 21st century.
    As the nation’s economy and society face a major turning point and the people, sensing stagnation, understandably become increasingly anxious about the future, it is time for Hokkaido to demonstrate its frontier spirit as a trailblazer in the new age, and embark on pioneering and experimental programs in order to make our economy and society prosper. Here lies the new role of Hokkaido development.
    To promote the development of Hokkaido in a manner reflecting these circumstances, strategic programs for demonstrating the comprehensive nature of policies must be devised through the cooperation of the national government, local governments, citizens, NPOs, businesses and various other entities. Amidst the trends in shifts from the national government to local governments and from public to private sectors, it is important that these entities are aware of the division of roles and responsibilities, share the vision of creating an affluent society based on Hokkaido’s regional characteristics, and execute respective programs to realize this vision. As we hosted the Hokkaido Toyako Summit and are about to demonstrate our leadership in tackling global environmental issues in the international community, this Plan was formulated as the guiding principles for promoting sustainable development in Hokkaido and contributing to the nation’s efforts in addressing the challenges it faces.
  Goals of the Plan  
Hokkaido has a cool climate, ample resources such as forests, and a rich natural environment befitting a northern region unique to Asia. The prefecture also has geographical characteristics of being situated at the nodal point between North America and East Asia and has a social openness that has been fostered during the course of development. Aiming to achieve vigorous regional development and to help address challenges facing our nation by capitalizing on the resources and characteristics of Hokkaido, this plan sets three strategic goals. The plan will be effectively promoted through the cooperation and collaboration of various entities.
  Strategic goals  
  1. A Northern Base Shining in Asia
    - Realization of an Open and Competitive Hokkaido
Considering the rapid growth of the economy in East Asia as an opportunity, we will strive to develop growth industries that can compete in East Asian and global markets, especially the food and tourism industries based on the rich natural environment and cold climate of Hokkaido. While strategically improving conditions for developing such growth industries, we will also strive to increase our basic food supply capabilities.
  2. A Northern Land Rich in Forests and Water
    - Realization of a Sustainable and Beautiful Hokkaido
We will intensify our efforts to restore and pass Hokkaido’s rich natural environment on to future generations as one of the nation’s assets. We will also conserve and create beautiful landscapes throughout the four seasons with the goal of creating a Hokkaido in which people can sense the magnificence of nature. In addition, we will establish local communities where economic activities exist in harmony with the natural environment, through pioneering efforts to make use of local resources, such as the abundant natural energy sources.
  3. Vast Decentralized Northern Society with Regional Strength
    - Realization of a Hokkaido with Diverse and Distinct Regions
We will promote regional development throughout Hokkaido by taking advantage of excellent and distinct regional resources. Efforts will also be made to ensure that the urban functions centering on Sapporo will serve as the driving force behind the development of Hokkaido as a whole. We will also create, in broad community areas, local community models that cater for the declining population and birthrate as well as the aging society.

Basic Principles for the Promotion of the Plan

Sequence of Development Plan

Full Text of the 7th term Hokkaido Comprehensive Development Plan



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