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During Nara Tourism Statistics Week, the 13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics, co-organised by OECD and Eurostat, and the UNWTO Special Workshop on Tourism Statistics will be held consecutively between November 17 - 21, 2014.

The Global Forum on Tourism Statistics, held jointly by the OECD Tourism Committee and EUROSTAT, is an international meeting on tourism industry statistics. The Forum provides a regular opportunity for exchanging opinions relating to the development of industry statistics. It brings together a great many researchers, academics and experts from international organizations (including governmental) and the private sector. While the event has been held in various cities around Europe since 1994, this 13th Forum in Nara will be the first time ever in Asia.

The UNWTO Special Workshop on Tourism Statistics will provide an opportunity to facilitate an exchange of information and to inform new methods or techniques on domestic tourism, sustainability in tourism.

Nara is an attractive location amidst an abundance of World Heritage and history, an area of priceless tourism resources reflecting the ancient times of East Asia.

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