Congestion mitigation


1. Congestion mitigation for smoother activities in urban and local areas

Increasing traffic capacity and promoting public transit use to reduce societal and economical losses resulting from serious traffic congestion that occurs in both urban and local areas.


2. Comparison of ring road development among countries

Completion rate of Tokyo’s ring roads is 48%. Ring roads in the main cities in other countries are well developed with multiple lanes.

City PlannedlengthLength in
Tokyo525km251km48%as of Apr. 2012
Beijing433km433km100%Completed on Sep. 12, 2009
Seoul168km168km100%Completed on Dec. 28, 2007
Paris313km272km87%as of Jan. 2011
Washington D.C.103km103km100%Completed in 1998
London188km188km100%Completed in 1986
Berlin223km217km97%as of Jan. 2009

3. Effect of newly developed ring road in Tokyo

Congestion was mitigated after the opening of the Central Circular Route in Dec. 2007


4. New traffic measuring techniques following development/increase of ITS


5.Example of congestion mitigation using ITS

Analyzing the cause of traffic congestion from ITS data and compare it to the traffic management policy (National highway 8, in Joetsu, Niigata)

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