Road Infrastructure System Export

To meet the world's demand for infrastructure, the government is committed to defining a strategy to win international road projects with the help of the private sector.


○Based on the Act on the Promotion of Japanese Companies Entering Overseas Infrastructure Markets (Overseas Infrastructure Business Expansion Act), the MLIT is working with Expressway Companies to help Japanese developers expand their business overseas.
○Through sales activities by high-ranked officers and use of opportunities bilateral conferences, we are taking a strategic approach to winning contracts.

Entering Foreign Market with Private Sector

The MLIT and Expressway Companies will fulfill their respective roles and making good use of experiences to help Japanese developers enter the international market.

Work Flow of Winning Overseas Road Project Contracts
Based on Overseas Infrastructure Business Expansion Act

Overseas Project involved by Japanese Expressway Company

Operation business of existing toll roads in Jaipur and other areas in India

-The Japanese consortium, consisting of NEXCO East, JOIN and other, won a contract on share acquisition of an Indian toll road company, entering the existing road operating/managing business in India.
-NEXCO East also provides technical advisory services about road management upon the request.

Jaipur Mahua Tollways