About the Infrastructure Tourism Portal Site

Infrastructure tourism, which explores infrastructure facilities such as dams, bridges, harbors, and historical sites, is a type of tourism that is beginning to grow in popularity.
This website introduces infrastructure facilities in operation all across Japan since 2016.
We hope that you will use it to help you find and visit infrastructure facilities that interest you.

The Appeal of Infrastructure Tourism

Infrastructure tourism allows you to enjoy dynamic views of massive structures and gain extraordinary experiences, such as going inside infrastructure facilities that are normally inaccessible to the public and viewing scenes of construction visible for a limited time only. By listening to the guide’s explanations and browsing exhibits, you can also learn about the roles of infrastructure facilities and the context in which they were built. In addition, another advantage of infrastructure tourism is enjoying other tourism resources near infrastructure facilities by taking part in local partnership projects.

  1. 1Enjoy dynamic views
    massive structures.

  2. 2Find inspiration and fresh
    in places you
    wouldn’t normally visit.

  3. 3Learn about the roles of
    facilities and the context
    in which they were built.

  4. 4Enjoyable by diverse
    people of all ages.