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Environmental Measures

Projects are being executed to quickly improve roadside environments and roadside areas.
In order to prevent global warming, the transport industry must urgently deploy measures to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles, which account for a large percentage of total emissions.

Protecting and creating roadside environme

Roadside environmental measures are being deployed to achieve environmental quality standards on noise and air pollution.
Measures to control the heat-island phenomenon in cities are also being actively researched and developed.

Implementation of road measures that contribute to reduced CO2 emissions

According to Japan's Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan, reduction targets are decided for each sector.
By FY2010 the transportation sector needs to reduce emissions by 14-17 million tons from the actual emission level of FY2005. Since the increased traveling speed resulting from smooth traffic flow improves effective mileage and thus reduces CO emissions from vehicles, traffic flow improvement measures are under way, including improvement of ring road and arterial road networks, grade separation of intersections, as well as the development of the cycling environments and the advancement of ITS.

Changes in CO2 emissions in transportation sector

Traveling speed and CO2 emissions

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