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Japan-ASEAN Tourism Partnership

In the expanding globalization of economic activity, the Japanese government is now moving to strengthen its partnership between Japan and the remarkably growing ASEAN towards realizing the JAPAN - ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
In response to these movements, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is beginning to work with ASEAN which has close ties to Japan in both flow of people and goods, aiming towards a Japan and ASEAN Tourism Partnership in the transportation field which is necessary for economic activity in trade and investment as stated below.

  1. PDObjective
  2. QDProgress and Summary
  3. RDEnforcement Framework(Organization Chart)
  4. SDSchedule for 2006
  5. TDJapan-`rd`m Tourism Partnership Project
  6. UDSummary of ASEAN


  1. From the point of view that transportation is the infrastructure in for all economic activity and essential for reinforcing Japan-ASEAN regional cooperation and revitalizing economic activity, reinforcing cooperation with ASEAN in the transportation field is necessary.
  2. There has been close cooperative relations between Japan and ASEAN through ODA, however, new cooperative relations are needed in the transportation field in consideration of the current situation such as the growing movement for the conclusion of FTA in each country and region, comprehensive environmental issues, enhancement of traffic security, and enhancement of safety through new technology.
  3. Therefore, through a new partnership, cooperation and labor cooperation based on Japan's initiative in the transportation field: (1) Enhancement and support for continuous development in the ASEAN region, (2) Strengthening of partnerships in the ASEAN region, and (3) Aiming for mutual understanding and strengthening of partnerships between ASEAN regions and Japan.

QDProgress and Summary

RDEnforcement Framework

Meetings consisting of those in charge of policy in the transportation field of the ASEAN region and Japan will be held to share realizations on situations surrounding transportation, exchange of system know-how, consider challenges, establish frameworks for cooperation, and to form partnerships and labor cooperation within the ASEAN region as well as between Japan and ASEAN.

  1. Japan-ASEAN Tourism Minister Meeting (ATM{JAPAN)
    It is held every autumn in accordance with the ASEAN Tourism Meeting (ATM). Important matters regarding cooperation in the transportation field between Japan and ASEAN are determined and discussed.
  2. Japan-ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM{Japan)
    It is held in every autumn just before `sl{Japan. Japan is the co-chair and the chair is an ASEAN country.
  3. Japan-ASEAN workshop for Transportation Policy (Vice-Ministerial meeting)
    It is held every Spring in Japan. Selection of policy themes in the Japan-ASEAN transportation field, and review of suggestions for new projects are done. As necessary, reviews are done by the Working GroupDJapan is the co-chair and the chair is an ASEAN country.
  4. Working Group (Senior Transportation Officer Meeting Working Group)
    The Maritime Transportation Working Group, Land Transportation Working Group, Aviation Working Group and Transport Facilitation Working Group is held once or twice a year. After reviewing the Japan- ASEAN Transport Cooperation project, a report is made to the Vice-Ministerial meeting.

SDSchedule for 2006

January 18-20, 2006 The meeting of next generation specialists of air transport security systemiFukuokaj
February 23-24, 2006 Transportation Facilitation Working Group iPhnom Penhj
March 28-29, 2006 The meeting of aviation securityiTokyoj
April 4-5, 2006 Maritime Transportation Working Group iPhuketj
April 26-28, 2006 Aviation Transportation Working Group iSurabayaj
May 3-4, 2006 Land Transportation Working Group iYangonj
June 7-8, 2006 The 4th Japan-ASEAN STOM Leaders Conference (Miyazaki)
July 12-13, 2006 Transportation Facilitation Working Group iSiem Reapj
August 14-16, 2006 Maritime Transportation Working Group iBangkokj
August 23-24, 2006 Aviation Transportation Working Group iBandungj
September 6-7, 2006 Land Transportation Working Group iYangonj
Late November 2006 The 4th ASEAN Transportation Minister Meeting
The 5th Japan-ASEAN STOM Leaders Conference

TDProject in Japan-ASEAN Tourism Partnership

UDSummary of ASEAN

Name F Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Established F August 8, 1967 in Bangkok
Established by F ASEAN Declaration iknown as uthe Bangkok Declarationvj
Head Office F Indonesia, Jakarta
Member countries F PO Member Countries

  • Founding Member Countries
    Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
  • New Member Countries
    Brunei Darussalam (January 8,1984)
    Vietnam (July 28,1995)
    Laos and Myanmar (July 23,1997)
    Cambodia iApril 30,1999j

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