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Cooperation on ASEAN@{ iJapan, China and the Republic of Koreaj

1DASEAN { 3 Leaders Meeting

In 1997, the ASEAN leaders invited the heads of Japan, China and the Republic of Korea to their summit marking the 30th anniversary of ASEAN. Now, the leaders of ASEAN and those of the three other Asian Nations meet annually. In December 2004, the 8th ASEAN {R Meeting was held in Vientiane, Laos.

QDThe development of other Minister Meetings

In ASEAN {RAaside from the Leader's Meeting, there are others such as the Foreign Minister's Meeting, Economic Minister's Meeting, Labour Minister's Meeting, Agricultural Minister's Meeting, Tourism Minister's Meeting and Environmental Minister's Meeting.

Tourism Ministers Meeting

The first Tourism Ministers Meeting of `rd`m{RJanuary QOOQ,Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Investigation of the influence due to the act of terrorism in the U.S.A. was done. Japan suggested the foundation of the mechanism for exchanging safety information directly and promptly among the tourism agencies of ASEAN {R to eliminate concerns of travelers by giving prompt information.
  • In response, an agreement was reached to hold a senior special meeting and specialist meeting to conduct specific investigations on a mechanism of prompt information exchange to enhance travelersf security with each countryfs approval. @

The second Tourism Ministers Meeting of `rd`m{R24,2003 Phnom Penh,Kingdom of Cambodia
  • An agreement was reached to prompt the expansion of tourism export, social interaction and close economic partnership by cooperation on tourism in the framework of ASEAN {R
  • It was determined that the ASEAN Communication Team for Tourism (ACTT) will be utilized and exchange information promptly to expedite travelersf safety in ASEAN 1{3.

The third Tourism Ministers Meeting of `rd`m{RFebruary 3,2004, Vientiane, Laos
  • After exchanging opinions regarding the tourism situation in the world, there has been recent development of tourism in ASEAN and Japan, China and the Republic of Korea. An agreement was reached to strengthen activity by effective information exchange mechanisms dealing with contingencies such as political confusion, the act of terrorism, economic crisis, natural disaster, public health problems and so on.

Tourism Ministers Special Meeting of Ard`m{RAugust@9C2004,Beijing,China
The fourth Tourism Ministers Meeting of ASEAN{RJanuary 25, QOOT Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Countermeasures against the disaster of the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami that occurred in December 2004 was the main theme. Each country expressed support for Japanfs policy "The comprehensive program to revitalize tourism" which cooperates on revitalizing the tourism industry in affected areas and regions.
  • The event related to tourism in Japan "Ai Chikyuuhaku" was recognized as the one to promote tourism in ASEAN {Rregion.

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