Automobile Liability Insurance Compensation Limits Raised - 30 Million Yen Fatality Compensation (April l, 1991)

@ @ The Automobile Liability Insurance (mutual aid) system has been further substantiated. Compensation levels were raised from 25 million to 30 million yen from April 1, 1991 for fatalities and first degree handicaps resulting from accidents. An all-out efforts is being made to have people join insurance schemes. A campaign was carried out to reduce the number of uninsured (non-mutual aid) motorbikes, and aid is also offered through government guarantees, to accident victims where accidents are caused by uninsured cars and hit-and-run incidents.
@ @ At the Japan National Organization of Automobile Safety and the Injured Party Welfare, an agency authorized by the Ministry of Transport, loans are made for living expenses to children orphaned in road accidents. Other aspects of care are also improving: nursing and care of people severely disabled in road accidents is carried out at the Chiba and the Tohoku Medical Care Center for Traffic Victims. (Construction of similar facilities in Okayama is presently in the planning stage.)

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