Collision on the Shigaraki Tableland Railway (May 14, 1991)

    A head-on collision occurred on the Shigaraki Tableland Railway between moving trains bound for the Art of World Pottery Exhibition and the opposite direction. This disaster claimed 42 lives and resulted in injury to 614.
    The Ministry of Transport established the Headquarters for Measures to Deal with the Shigaraki Tableland Railway Disaster immediately following the accident. Under the leadership of the Minister of Transport, the organization aims to clarify the cause of the accident. Urgent directives of all-round were given to Japan's 133 national operators of single-line railways in order to insure operational safety.
    The Shigaraki Tableland Railway is receiving support from Shiga Prefecture and JR-West as it works towards recommencement of services. Reorganization, education and training in safety are underway, and an enthusiastic approach is being taken to recommencement of operations at the earliest possible opportunity.

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