60th Anniversary of the Opening of the Tokyo International Airport (August 25, 1991)

    The Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), one of Japan's principal airports handling some 38 million passengers (more than half of domestic air passengers through Japan.) annually, celebrated its 60th Anniversary on August 25, 1991.
    The Tokyo Airport, predecessor to the Tokyo International Airport, had positions for only 6 aircraft, at a time when nationwide there were no more than 8,000 air passengers annually. Now celebrating its 60th birthday, the airport handles jumbo aircraft, each aircraft carrying 560 passengers.
    In FY1990, international passengers to Japan exceeded 31 million, and domestic passengers exceeded 65 million. Air transport is a principal national transport facility, used by citizens from every sphere of society.
    The majority of international airport functions were transferred to the New Tokyo International Airport (Narita). However the Tokyo International Airport is still firmly positioned as a principal airport - both for Japan's domestic routes, and for the arrival and departure of national and international state guests in the metropolitan area.

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