Completion of the Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama (July 29, 1991)

    Pacifico Yokohama was completed on July 29, 1991. It is a large, world-class, comprehensive convention center which includes an international conference hall, hotel, exhibition hall and a large national hall. Located on the Port of Yokohama, at the center of the complex is the Pacific Convention Plaza.
    The Pacifico Yokohama is the guiding focus of the "Port Future 21" Plan. A place for international exchange on the waterfront, it also provides a location where citizens can keep in touch with the sea.
    The Ministry of Transport recognizes the Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama as the first national designated citizen's facility, according to Chapter 2, Article 1, Section 5B of Law on the Utilization of the Private Sector's Vitality (Law enacted May, 1986 for the promotion of private industry participation in public sector projects).
    Classified thus, it is eligible for grants including citizen subsidies and low-interest loans. The Ministry is also giving its active support for the construction of car park facilities related to the complex designated as private-municipal development projects, and public works projects for harbor parks and roads.
    Completion of this project will mark one further step in the internationalization of the Port of Yokohama.

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