Chapter 8 The Structure of Quality Waterfront

Part 1 Establishment of Ports and Harbors and Coastline

1. Aiming at Establishing An Quality Waterfront
    The MOT's Bureau of Ports and Harbours developed a plan in April 1990 as a long-term policy for establishing ports and harbors for a matured society in the 2lst Century. The plan is titled "Toward an Enriched Waterfront as a follow-up The Ports and Harbors For the 21 Century" It promotes a furthering of the functions of ports and harbors and making them attractive and easily accessible.
    A plan dealing with long-term harbor policy was released in August 1990 -"Coastal Areas in the 21st Century - For An Enriched Seashore".
    A number of plans have already been implemented, the "5-Year Port Improvement Plans" and the "5-Year Plans for Coastal Works". However the circumstances m ports and harbors and coastal areas have been changing in recent years.
    Two plans are presently being drawn up, in order to continue planned construction in the future, and are due to be finished by the fall of 1991 - the "Eighth 5-Year Port Improvement Plans" (total investment of 5 trillion 700 billion yen) and the the "Fifth 5 Year Plans for Coastal Works" (total investment of I trillion 300 billion yen). The plans are scheduled for implementation between FY1991 and FY1995.
2. Advancements in Establishment of Harbors and Coastlines
    There has been an increase in the volume of cargo handled in harbors in recent years. International trade has seen startling increases in imported cargo volume and the modal shift concept is being promoted for domestic trade.
    Construction of ports and harbors with facilities such as container terminals for overseas trade and unit load terminals for domestic trade is being promoted. This is aimed at establishing an effective physical distribution system in order to cope with these conditions. In addition to this, various types of construction are underway:-building is underway of passenger terminals ensuring comfortable passenger transport, harbors that provide a stable supply of resources and supporting regional development and sea routes, ports of refuge, etc. to ensure safe sea transport.
    Development is also underway of international ports in regional areas and a reciprocal port network.
    With project for the improvement of coasts on the other hand, construction of high quality coastline preservation facilities is underway through model projects for the improvement of home town coasts. This is aimed at ensuring safety in coastal areas from disasters such as high tides, tidal waves and erosion, and creating an attractive coastline and which will enable people to get back in touch with the sea.

Part 2 Versatile Use of Waterfront Areas

1. Raising Harbor Quality
    In addition to public projects carried out hitherto, in order to satisfy diversified and high-level demands for harbors, it is necessary to introduce private sector vitality and to establish diversified and high quality facilities. Various systems have been established which give tax and financial support to private sector projects.
    Already, projects utilizing this system are underway in regions throughout Japan.
    The government is also promoting the creation of good-quality waterfront environments through the implementation of various projects to develop quality of port and harbor environments.
    These projects include model projects for the formation of scenic ports and harbors, the improvement of home town coasts, creation of good sea area environments and "refresh seaside project" in order to from water front, which provides relaxion for people and which is in sympathy with marine nature and culture, by giving full play to the unique characteristics of ports and harbors, toward the eseoblishment of comfortable citizen's life.
    Construction of public marinas and other facilities is required for anchoring pleasure craft such as yachts and motor boats to respond appropriately to the increase in demand for maritime recreation. Support is being given for the construction of private marinas and a quality recognition system is being established for in order to increase the number of quality marinas.
2. Opening New Frontiers
    Man-made offshore islands and marine floating facilities - facilities with high-use potential in line with the diversified demands for the waterfront - are under construction. Surveys are also underway in order to utilize beaches and coastal areas systematically.

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