Privacy Policy

Last Update : 2024/3/22

1. Basic policy

The Japan Tourism Agency collects information on users of its website ( within the scope required for optimal provision of services (including the provision of information as well as the collection of opinions and comments through the site). All information collected will be used appropriately within the scope of the purposes specified below.

2. Scope of information collected

(1) This website collects information on Internet domain names, IP addresses, access status, and other information in the form of access logs.

(2) Some of the pages in this site use cookies. Cookies refer to information about a user, sent by a web server to the user’s browser for the site operator to distinguish the user’s computer from others’, and accumulated in the user’s computer. Using cookies, the site operator can collect information on the number of visits from the user’s computer, the pages visited, and so forth. The JTA, however, does not use cookies to collect any information that allows it to identify individual users. The browser can be set so that the functions of cookies are nullified. Nullifying the functions of cookies does not affect the ability to use this website.

(3) Users may be requested to register their name, address, age, occupation, phone number, email address, and other information if they wish to use certain pages of the site, such as the collection of opinions and comments. For inquiries made without the use of the inquiry form, the email address of the inquirer will be displayed on the receiver’s end.

(4) Users must register their email address with the site if they wish to use email delivery service. In addition, they may be requested to provide other information such as their address, phone number and occupation, if necessary.

(5) Users may be requested to provide information as required by the nature of particular projects implemented by the JTA. These may include calls for applications to participate in PR and other events, as well as written surveys.

3. Purposes of use

(1) The information collected in Items 2-(1) and 2-(2) will be used to provide optimal services on this site.

(2) The opinions and comments collected in Item 2-(3), including user information, will be used to develop future policies and measures for the JTA. For this reason, they may be forwarded to related divisions in the JTA. Users’ email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers may be used to reply to their inquiries and contact them for confirmation. The collected information may also be forwarded to related ministries and agencies, depending on the nature of opinions expressed or comments made.

(3) The information collected in Item 2-(4) will be used to deliver information via email. The registered information will be used to produce information to be delivered in the future.

(4) The information collected in Item 2-(5) will be used only if it is required for carrying out PR and other events concerned in an optimal manner.

4. Use of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics to assess site usage. Google Analytics collects information about users by means of cookies. For the Google Analytics terms of service and privacy policy, see the Google Analytics website. The JTA bears no responsibility for any damage resulting from use of the Google Analytics service.

5. Restrictions on the use and provision of information

The JTA will not use the collected information for purposes other than those specified in Paragraph 3, nor provide it to third parties, unless information disclosure is required by laws or ordinances, violations such as unauthorized access or threats are detected, or other special reasons exist. However, statistically processed information on accesses to this site, user information, and so forth may be published.

6. Security measures

The JTA takes the necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or destruction of the collected information and to manage it appropriately. Analysis of the status of accesses to this site and the user opinions received may be consigned to external organizations when deemed necessary for business reasons. In this case, the JTA ensures that these external organizations take the necessary measures to appropriately manage the information collected.

7. Disclosure of personal information

Except for user information provided on occasions such as the collection of opinions and comments and applications to participate in PR events, this website does not collect general information, such as the user’s name and date of birth, that would allow the JTA to identify the user. Information on user information collected on the occasions above falls into the category of personal information held by administrative agencies that its owner can request to be disclosed in accordance with the provisions of the law concerning the Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative Agencies (Law No. 58 of May 30, 2003). In determining whether personal information should be disclosed or otherwise handled at the user’s request, the JTA will examine whether it falls into the category of personal information as stipulated by the law.

8. Scope of application

This privacy policy applies only to this website. The handling of information on the websites of other ministries and agencies is the responsibility of the respective organizations.

9. Other

The JTA may revise its privacy policy from time to time. All future revisions will be announced on this website.