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Revision of the restrictions on the acceptance of overseas tourists after September 7, 2022

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Last Update : 2022/9/21

As from September 7, 2022, Japan has started accepting overseas tourists from all countries and regions through non-guided package tours.
As from June 10, 2022, Japan started accepting guided package tours arranged by travel agencies and travel service providers (hereafter land operators) in Japan as the receiving organization, and from September 7, 2022, also has started accepting non-guided package tours.

Non-guided package tours are acceptable in cases in which land operators in Japan arrange round-trip airline tickets into and out of Japan and all accommodation in Japan. It is not allowed for tourists to make travel arrangements by themselves. Although the previous rule limited entries for sightseeing purposes to foreigners who had stayed in a "Blue" list country/region within 14 days before the day of application for landing on Japan, from September 7, all foreigners from all countries/regions will be allowed to enter Japan. Please note that quarantine process after entry into Japan, such as Covid-19 on-arrival test and isolation upon arrival, differ depending on the country/region in which the tourists stayed within 14 days before the day of application for landing on Japan and vaccination status. Before entering Japan, be sure to check the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s website for the latest information on Japan's border measures. 

Prior to the start of acceptance of non-guided package tours, the Japan Tourism Agency revised the "Guidelines for Accepting Overseas Tourists" on September 2, 2022. Land operators in Japan must have the overseas travel agencies explain the required actions to the tour participants and ensure they accept the terms. The cooperation of overseas travel agencies and tour participants in following these guidelines is highly appreciated. Please see the summary of the guidelines and the requests to participants of guided/non-guided package tours to Japan below.
※Currently, a visa is required for all new visitors to Japan. In order to apply for a visa, land operators located in Japan must play a role as receiving organizations and submit required information in advance to the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System (ERFS). Tourists cannot register information on ERFS directly.
*Please refer to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s website for practical information for traveling to Japan.

Preventing Infectious Diseases While Traveling

It is important you follow infection prevention measures for the safety of yourself and others.
All travelers coming to Japan are strongly encouraged to review the following information before they visit.
If you are a travel agent or an organization that serves international travelers, please make sure you provide the following information to travelers prior to their visit.
Leaflet on infection prevention measures

(English)             Click here for PDF
(Chinese(Simplified))  Click here for PDF
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New Travel Etiquette for Visitors (Chinese(Simplified)) Click here for PDF
(Chinese(Traditional))Click here for PDF
(Korean)        Click here for PDF
Mask wearing guidelines
COVID-19 Mask Use in Community Settings(MHLW Website)
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