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Resumption of Accepting Overseas Tourists from June 10 2022

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Last Update : 2022/6/17

From June 10 2022 guided package tours from countries or regions on the "Blue" list are accepted.
Overseas tourists began to be accepted through guided package tours arranged by travel agencies and travel service providers (hereafter land operators) in Japan serving as receiving organizations on June 10 2022.

Prior to the start of acceptance, the Japan Tourism Agency has formulated the “Guidelines for Accepting Overseas Tourists".

Land operators in Japan must have the overseas travel agencies explain the required actions to the tour participants and ensure they accept the terms.

The kind understanding by overseas travel agencies and tour participants are highly appreciated. Please kindly check the summary of the guideline.
*It is required that you have not stayed in a country/region other than the "Blue" list within 14 days prior to the date of application for landing in Japan. Please check the grouping of the countries/regions on this page.

*Please also refer to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s website for practical information for traveling to Japan.

Preventing Infectious Diseases While Traveling

It is important to ensure infection prevention measures for a safe and secure travel.
All travelers coming to Japan are strongly encouraged to review the following information before the travel.
If you are a travel agent or other person in charge of receiving guests, please make sure that your guests are well informed of the following information.
Leaflet on infection prevention measures

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(Chinese(Simplified))  Click here for PDF
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New Travel Etiquette for Visitors
Mask wearing guideline
COVID-19 Mask Use in Community Settings(MHLW Website)
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