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Are you interested in staying at a ryokan, but not sure what they offer? This website is precisely for people like you! Our aim is to address your concerns so that you can relax and enjoy yourself.

The ryokan is a place to stay, but quite unlike the hotels, hostels and other accommodations that you will find in Japan.
Put simply, Ryokan are a form of traditional Japanese travel accommodation that has been widely used since long ago.

A ryokan is much more than simply a place to spend the night.
At a ryokan, you can enjoy traditional culture and customs, as well as savor local specialties.
You can typically experience all of the following?and more?at a ryokan:
・ A Japanese-style room with tatami flooring and a futon
・ A unique range of local souvenirs, as well as local cuisine made from the freshest ingredients
・ A communal bath, filled from an onsen (hot spring)

In some ways, the ryokan experience is similar to staying at a Japanese friend's home.
Ryokan welcome guests as if they were indeed friends or family.

Starting at the genkan (entrance), the ryokan is the host's "home."
You'll be able to enjoy a soothing bath, put on a yukata (a cotton kimono) and feel completely at ease.
Ryokan staff offer thoughtful, attentive service to ensure that every guest has a relaxing stay.

Just as homes differ, ryokan differ in terms of what they offer and what you can do.
For Japanese guests, part of the fun of staying at a ryokan is to experience these differences.
Please take a look at the information in these pages, and contact a ryokan with any additional questions you may have.

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