What is SPP

Spatial Planning Platform (SPP)
a new initiative from HABITAT III

  • Recently unplanned development and rapid urban growth is a major issues in a number of developing countries, particularly in Asia. They are recognizing needs for spatial planning (e.g. national master plan) and requesting JAPAN for support and guidance.
  • New Urban Agenda was endorsed at the HABITAT III (Oct 2016, Quito),
    Japan presented the importance of establishing a platform to support Spatial Planning including urban, rural, regional planning, which caught a great attention and interest from various countries.
Spatial Planning Platform (SPP)

Established in August 2018

  • Contribute to achieving SDGs and NUA
  • Globally promote “Quality Infrastructure”

SPP Work Programmes

Communications and knowledge sharing


  • 2nd SPP meeting will be held back-to-back World Urban Forum(WUF10)February 2020, Abu Dhabi
  • At WUF10, organizing Side Events on SPP and holding an Exhibition on Smart City with a focus on PPP (TBC)
  • At APUF 7, October 2019 in Penang, participating Territorial and Urban Planning session and leading Side Event on how SP will contribute to achieving SDGs and NUA

Social media

  • Facebook, website

Capacity building/development

  • Co-organizing training sessions with JICA (6 weeks every year)
  • Bilateral meeting and seminar by MLIT Japan (upon request)

Multi-lateral Support 2018-19


  • Policy dialogue between MLMUPC, Cambodia and (September 2019)
  • Study mission (Nov-Dec 2019; TBC)


  • Seminar on Spatial Planning by MLIT, Japan (February 2019)
  • Policy dialogue between MoC, Myanmar and MLIT, Japan (October 2019)
  • Collaboration with OECD via National Urban Policy Review (WS December 2019 TBC)


  • JICA’s Technical Cooperation Project for the formulation of National Comprehensive Development Plan (since 2018)