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Freight Transport

Approval system for the use of special vehicles on roads

Road administrators are authorized to permit the drivers of vehicles that exceed the size or weight regulations to use the road, but only after the road administrator examines the vehicle’s structure and the cargo and determines that there are no alternatives. In these cases, the road administrator will put certain conditions in place to protect the road structure and to prevent any potential dangers to other road users. Road fatigue, which is caused by vehicle traffic that is over the weight or size regulations, has a significant effect on road structures and pavement. In order to utilize our road stock effectively in the future, it is important to ensure that road structures are properly maintained now.

Controlling illegal vehicles

1. Instructive enforcement
Drivers are told to pull over at "instruction stations", where vehicle weights and sizes are measured. If the vehicle exceeds the size or weight regulation, the drivers are ordered or warned to reduce the weight and size of the vehicle by splitting the cargo.

2. Weigh-in-motion (WIM)
A WIM device automatically measures a vehicle’s gross weight as the vehicle drive over a measurement site. If the vehicle is over the weight regulations, it then determines if the overweight vehicle has a permit by accessing the database. Based on the results, repeated violators will be given an instructive warning.


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