Restructuring of The Ministry of Transport (July 1, 1991)

  The Ministry of Transport was restructured as of July l, 1991. The Ministry was reorganized based on the following principles, in order to actively promote a comprehensive approach and efficiency to administration in the transport industry:

1.   Establishment of a Vice-Minister for International Affairs to handle precisely international transport problems and administrate international transport industry comprehensively at a high administrative level.
2.   Concentration of transport policy proposal and promotion functions (overall transport policies, and regional, international and cargo distribution policies) into the Transport Policy Bureau; relocation of the Tourism Department into the same Bureau. This is aimed creating a comprehensive promotion structure for transport policy.
3.   Establishment of a Railway Bureau, Vehicular Transport Bureau, and Maritime Transport Bureau to create a structure which enables effective implementation of transport policy and to be more easily understood by the general public.
4.   Establishment of the Director-General for Policy Coordination to strengthen the overall coordinating function in handling important matters affecting the administration of cargo distribution.
5.   Establishment of a Consumer Policy Division in the Transport Policy Bureau, and an Office of User Affairs in the Engineering and Safety Division of the Vehicular Transport Bureau. This is aimed at developing an administrative approach that is tied directly to users.    


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