Establishment of the "Two Way Tons 21" (July 10 1991)

    The Ministry of Transport established a goal to double the number of Japanese traveling overseas to 10 million within five years (1986 figure was 5 million 520 thousand) in September 1987, and had pushed ahead with various measures involved campaigns and missions to promote overseas travel m accordance with the "Program for Doubling Japanese Tourists Going Abroad (Ten Million Program)."
    These promotional efforts produced results, and goals were achieved one year earlier than anticipated. The number of outward-bound tourists reached I million 100 thousand in 1990.
    It is becoming increasingly important to promote mutual understanding and exchange between citizens internationally and to maintain and develop on stable Japan's position in international society. "Two-Way Tourism 21" was established in July 1991, to achieve these goals. The program places an emphasis on increasing tourism in both directions, to and from Japan, and works to raise the quality of travel for Japanese going abroad.

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