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How to become a “supporters’ organization”?

 As part of carrying out the reconstruction support movement through visiting the Tohoku and North Kanto area, we herewith recruit activities that lead to supporting reconstruction of the Tohoku and North Kanto area through visitation.

 By posting information on a shared website, we will process office work in a way to promote mutual understanding of concerned people.

Items to note:

(1)   The activity must be planned and held by the applicants themselves, and must include visits to or lead to visits to the Tohoku and North Kanto area.

(2)   This movement is intended to be expanded to a movement of the government and the people together, thus information provided by the applicant will be posted on this website. If there are comments such as "we want to do our activity in collaboration", etc., we would like the applicant to respond to such requests. For that reason, please be aware that the contact information of the applicant will be posted on the website.

(3)   To the extent possible, we would like the applicant to be specific about the execution period of the activity. Even if the period is not finalized, please let us know the expected period, by saying something like "It is scheduled to be held around [indicate month or date]." We would primarily like to post activities that will be carried out within 2012.

(4)   Please be advised that in case the executive office determines that the content of an activity is not appropriate for the purpose of the movement, we will individually contact the applicant to notify them to that effect and may decline to post the information on the website.

 To apply, enter necessary items in the form and send it by email to the person in charge.

[Executive office]

   Tourism Resources Division
   Regional Development Department
   Japan Tourism Agency
   (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

  You can set the form freely using appropriate fonts, font sizes, and colors. (Be advised that your formatting information may not be accepted due to the restrictions on the system used on the website.)


Note: Information is intended to promote collaboration among people concerned, thus posting of contact information is required.