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Check-in times at ryokan and hotels are fairly similar.
You can usually check in starting at 15:00 or 16:00.
If you arrive early, almost every ryokan will hold on to your luggage at the front desk.

Also keep in mind that dinner is usually served during a set time window, and if you arrive too late, you may miss it.
If it does seem like you’ll arrive significantly later than the designated check-in time, let the ryokan know.
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Some ryokan offer a pick-up service, some do not.

Many ryokan are nestled in a beautiful natural setting—and many of them are relatively far away from public transport links.
*If a ryokan does offer a pick-up service, you almost always have to arrange it in advance, so please contact the ryokan.
If a ryokan is much easier to reach by car than by public transport, it will probably have a free parking area.

Some ryokan have a parking area, some do not. If you want to make sure, contact the ryokan.
One of the great things about ryokan is that so many of them are nestled in areas of rich natural beauty.
If you can’t get to a ryokan by public transport, you can use the ryokan’s pick-up service, or rent a car.
For the detailed situation at a specific ryokan, check its website, or inquire directly by telephone.
Ryokan allow you an opportunity to escape to an idyllic environment removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.