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A ryokan’s staff will have the best idea about the local attractions, so never hesitate to ask them for recommendations.
Almost all ryokan have an onsen (hot spring) or other communal bath within the facility.
These are a great and relaxing way to pass the time.

・There are ryokan far removed for any tourist attractions, but these tend to be places where the expectation is that you will spend all your time relaxing at the ryokan. They will typically offer lots of fun amenities and activities, so don’t worry, you won’t get bored.
・If your ryokan is in an onsen town, going around to different onsen in the area is a lot of fun.
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Most ryokan do have a curfew.

If a ryokan does have a curfew, you can’t enter or leave the building after a certain time of night (such as midnight, for example).
That might seem inconvenient, but the ryokan wants its guests to get a good, relaxing night’s sleep—and a great start to the next day of their vacation!
We hope you understand this ryokan way of thinking.

However, if you like, there are ryokan with different curfew policies:
・Ryokan with no curfew at all
・Ryokan that do have a curfew, but that also have staff working the front desk after curfew to whom you can speak if you want to enter or leave
・Ryokan that do have a curfew, but that give you a key to get back in if you expect to return after curfew
If you’re curious about a ryokan’s curfew policy, try talking to the ryokan.