Use of the Texts

  1. All texts contained in the database were created for the Japan Tourism Agency’s (JTA) “Promoting Multilingual Support for Sightseeing Destinations around Japan” project. The texts based on on-site visits were prepared by a production team which includes a writer, an editor, and copyeditors, all native English speakers. The texts have been checked for accuracy by an advisor, and have been reviewed rigorously for grammatical and lexical correctness as well as for symbols used. We recommend that the texts not be altered as much as possible, even for secondary uses, so as not to compromise accuracy and ease of understanding for international visitors.
  2. Please note that the information contained in the texts, such as facility hours and services, may have changed since the texts were created.
  3. Please note that if an address could not be provided because the text concerns a concept, a custom, a person, or for other reasons, the address of a related organization such as the associated tourism board may be listed in the information pane.

Modifying or Translating Texts into Other Languages

Any part or all of the text may be used verbatim without notifying the JTA. However, if you wish to modify or translate the text into other languages, please e-mail the multilingual contact below with the following information. Please note that the JTA will not be responsible for any modified or translated content. (Required information; format optional)

  1. Your contact information (name, department, position, phone number, e-mail address)
  2. In the case of modification, please specify the title of the pre-modified original text, the year it was prepared, the modifications made, and the reason for modification.
  3. In the case of translation, please specify the title of the pre-translated original text, the year it was prepared, and the language it is to be translated into.

Please see the Copyright Link/Disclaimer regarding citation of modified text.

Contact regarding multilingual texts: hqt-tagengo★
Please replace ★ with @ before sending an e-mail.

Definition of Terms

Associated tourism board:

An associated tourism board is formed for preparing the texts. It consists of various stakeholders, including local government members, destination management organization (DMO), and sightseeing attractions.

Medium/media of use:

Medium/media of use refers to the media for which the texts were intended for, such as interpretive sign, pamphlet, web page, app/QR code, and narration for audio guide. The media are determined by the associated tourism board. The text length, organization of content, and information to be provided to international visitors are adjusted to suite the prospective media.

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