Search Guide

Search Text Database

  1. Search by entering keyword(s) you wish to search for.
  2. Search by selecting the prefecture you wish to search for from the pull-down menu.
  3. Search by selecting the topic(s), medium, and text length you wish to conduct a search for.

Search for texts by combining the above filters.

*If your search returns zero results (no data found), try performing a search by entering the keyword(s) differently, such as in kanji, hiragana, or katakana, or changing the search filters (topic(s), medium, text length).

*Search by entering romanized Japanese words.

How to Search (*Image of map of Japan)

  1. Search by selecting the prefecture you wish to search for on the map.
    (For example, if you click on Hokkaido on the map, your search results will display texts prepared for Hokkaido.)

Viewing Search Results (*Screen after conducting a search)

  1. The search results are displayed as a list. Click the title of the text to go to the details page.
  2. You can search for texts again by changing or adding the keyword(s), prefecture, topic(s), medium/media of use, text length, and/or other filters.

Viewing Search Results (*Screen of sample text)

  1. Information about the text is provided. Click on the associated address link for the address page link.
  2. The text, including the provisional Japanese translation, can be downloaded in PDF or Word format.