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Last Update : 2024/3/22

About the Japan Tourism Agency Logo

In order to more widely communicate its mission and roles to the Japanese people and also become a more familiar presence in general, the JTA is engaged in identity-building activities. The JTA logo is part of this effort.

The logo was announced at the “Tourism Nation Promotion Gathering to mark the inauguration of the Japan Tourism Agency,” held on October 1, 2008 at the Grand Prince Hotel, Akasaka.

It will be used on brochures, posters and stationery issued by the JTA, as well as at a variety of events.



The rising sun motif symbolizes the determination of the diverse players in tourism coming together as a team to realize the goal of building a tourism nation. 

The red and white rings going in and out of the rising sun stand for change. They symbolize the active tourism exchange between people inside and outside Japan, the JTA's credo of working to create new changes rather than being hemmed in by traditional styles of bureaucracy, as well as the creativity, flexibility and mobility required of a new government organization.

The color red signifies agility, boldness and vigor and the choice of it along with the dynamism of the design signify the passionate commitment of the staff to the task of building a tourism nation, and at the same time exemplify the role of the JTA as a champion of the unified government effort towards this goal.

About the JTA

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