Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Civil Aviation Bureau

Contribution to the International Society

Support for the ICAO

Relationship between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Japan
The ICAO was established as a specialized agency of the United Nations on the basis of the Chicago Convention, adopted in 1944. Its purpose is to establish the principles and agreements so that international civil aviation can be developed safely and systematically, and international air transport services can be established on the basis of equal opportunity and operated soundly and economically. This organization therefore has a critical role in international civil aviation.

Japan joined the Chicago Convention on October 8, 1953, and has been chosen as a member (in the second category after 1956, and in the first category after 1965) at every election since 1956. Thus it has always played an important part in management of the organization. In addition, Japan also takes part in the subordinate organizations of the Council, including the Air Navigation Commission, and, as one of the most important

countries for air transport, makes a considerable contribution to the development of international civil aviation through the presentation of its views and its active participation in ICAO.

Moreover, Japan contributes substantially to the funding of the ICAO. Its share in 2013 accounts for 9.08% of the budget, amounting to about 8,060,000 CAD. This figure is second to the US, and Japan has held this position continuously since 1987.

Airport technical cooperation

Airports are important infrastructures and indispensable to the promotion of industries and the development of tourism in developing countries.
Japan provides developing countries with ODA (Official Development Assistance) as a part of its contribution to the international society. Among these activities, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Administration) and the Civil Aviation Bureau jointly promote technical cooperation and grant aid.

The Bureau is actively involved in development studies and human resource development in the airport sector of developing countries.
In addition, Japan provides loan aid as another form of ODA. Long-term and low-interest loans are provided to developing countries for the construction and improvement of important airport facilities.
International cooperation on measures against terrorism

Japan is actively participating in and financially supporting the improvement of aviation security in the world through international coordination of security standards and capacity building efforts. These activities include the participation in the ICAO's aviation security action plan, aviation security project between ASEAN and Japan, holding seminars about aviation security, bilateral or multilateral coordination of aviation security standards and counter-measures and offering assistance to such projects as the improvement of the security equipment in the major airports in Indonesia and making the master plan for aviation security in the Philippines.